The first baby death of the COVID-19 in the U.S.

The baby first died of coronavirus in Chicago, Illinois. This is reported by the Independent with reference to the state of Illinois.

The first baby death of the COVID 19 in the US
I have some terribly sad news today. Among the dead in the last 24 hours was a civil servant, a member of our team in the Department of Social Services, and an infant said State Governor Jay Pritzker. It’s clear that the baby wasn’t even a year old.

Earlier in March, it was reported that a three-week-old infant in New York City was the youngest coronavirus patient in the United States. The baby was treated for several days in the hospital, after which he was sent home. Experts called the case a reminder to parents that children are vulnerable to coronavirus and must be protected and not exposed to risks of infection.

On March 21, an Italian doctor tried to dispel the myth that coronavirus is only dangerous for the elderly and unable to lead to terrible consequences for people aged 20-30 years. Thus, in Lombardia, Italy, many young people with coronavirus have already been admitted to the intensive care unit, and severe cases have been noted.

According to the Johns Hopkins University project, more than 124 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus have been registered in the USA. There are more than two thousand deadly cases, one thousand people cured.

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