The first Ferrari F1 car driven by Michael Schumacher has been put up for sale

The British trading house Girardo & Co put up for auction in London the first Ferrari (412 T2) of Formula 1 pilot Michael Schumacher, in which he participated in test races in 1995 immediately after moving from Benetton to Ferrari. This is stated in the message of the auctioneers, who refused to name the estimated cost of the car.

Ferrari F1 car driven by Michael Schumacher has been put up for sale
Experts do not rule out that the car can leave the hammer for several million pounds sterling.

First Schumacher tried this car in the presence of 2 thousand spectators on the Ferrari racetrack in Fiorano, and then a week later in Portugal he rushed along the track for 1 minute 20.2 seconds, improving by 0.7 seconds the achievement set by his predecessor Gerhard Berger.

In 2018, the car was thoroughly repaired, fully restoring its original appearance. According to the head of Girardo & Co Max Girardo, selling such a unique car is “a great honor for the auction house.

Seven-time Formula 1 champion Schumacher was seriously injured in a fall while skiing in December 2013 and suffered a brain injury with multiple injuries to both brain hemispheres and a hemorrhage. At the moment Schumacher continues to recover from the injury and his family will not publish any official information about the health of the rider.

According to Italian neurosurgeon Nicola Achchari, who recently told about Schumacher’s condition, his body has undergone serious changes in six years after the brain injury. “It should be understood that he is now completely different from the one who has performed on the motorways,” Achchari said. – He has changed a lot. It has nothing to do with the way we remember him. It’s because of a brain injury.”

Schumacher turned 51 January 3. He is the record holder for the number of Formula 1 titles. In total, he scored 306 starts in the Formula One Grand Prix, of which he won 91, which is also a record. In Formula 1, Schumacher played for the English team Jordan, Italian Benetton, Ferrari, and German Mercedes.

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