San Juan submarine was founded

The Ministry of Defence and the Navies (N) of Argentina reported about detection of the San Juan submarine which was gone in November, 2017 at coast of South America. Search operation was performed with assistance of the private American company Ocean Infinity employed by the Argentina government.

The remotely-controlled device found the submarine in the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 800 meters, is reported on Twitter of Naval Forces of the country. Earlier on Friday the Navies reported that Ocean Infinity recorded the large object coinciding by the size with the submarine in a zone of search of the disappeared submarine.

It was noted that “high degree of probability of coincidence” to the submarine is appropriated to an object 60 meters long. RTVi with reference to the Ministry of Defence of Argentina reports that San Juan was found almost in 41 kilometers from a point from which the vessel last time contacted.

On November 15, in anniversary of loss of the submarine, the president of Argentina Mauricio Macri addressed families of 44 died submariners, having promised not to stop search of the vessel. As the La Nacion newspaper notes, some audience remained is dissatisfied with a speech of the head of state who said that he supported relatives of seamen “from the first day”.

According to mother of one of missing, Macri gave them only 45 minutes in a year. The previous meeting of the president with families of seamen took place in February.

The San Juan submarine ceased to contact on November 15, 2017 upon transition from Ushuaya port to the city of Mar del Plata. Onboard there were 44 crew members, including the first in the history of Latin America the female submariner to Elian Maria Kravchik.

Several months prior to disappearance of the submarine seamen reported about a water ingress problem aboard, and already just before accident the crew of the submarine eight times contacted, reporting about technical problems on the vessel.

In 15 days after loss of the submarine of Naval Forces of Argentina reported that operation on rescue of crew members stops, but search of the submarine will continue. On December 5, 2017 the authorities of Argentina recognized all crew of the vessel as the dead.

In January, 2018 the management of naval investigation (ONI) of the USA on the basis of data of the Organization for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty reported that onboard San Juan there was an explosion, on power approximately equal to six tons in a trotyl equivalent. As a result the submarine completely collapsed during 40 milliseconds.

ONI noted that these figures there is twice less minimum necessary time for intelligent perception of an event, and seamen on the submarine died instantly and without sufferings. In a month after unsuccessful search of the power of Argentina dismissed the commander of Naval Forces of the country admiral Marcelo Srura and four more admirals.

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