The Green Vault Treasury was robbed in Dresden

The robbers broke into the museum early in the morning by disabling the alarm system. Jewelry and gems were stolen from the treasury and large objects of art were left untouched.

Dresden Green Vault robbery
In the early morning of 25 November, a group of unidentified robbers entered the Green Vault Treasury, located in the Dresden Palace of residence. The criminals stole jewelry and precious art objects. This is reported by Spiegel.

The Saxony police confirmed the fact of the crime. On the scene there is an investigation team, which is looking for evidence. The police did not provide any other details.

According to Bild, the robbers stole items of historical value, as well as diamonds and gems. According to the publication, the criminals took out only small items; the paintings and vases remained intact. According to the newspaper, the damage could be “billions” of euros (in the first version of the Bild note, another estimate of €1 million was given).
As the newspaper reports, the robbery was committed at 5:00 local time. The burglars turned off the transformer under the August the Strong bridge, which disrupted the alarm system and allowed them to enter the treasury through one of the windows. After the theft, the thieves fled the scene of the crime and are currently being sought for.

Commenting on the incident, Saxon Interior Minister Roland Waller said that the region’s cultural heritage was on a “bitter day”. According to him, the value of the stolen items cannot be measured in money, as these objects of art are priceless. Waller said that a special commission had been formed in response to the incident. “It will take a lot of effort to catch the suspects,” he added.

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