The hurricane “Michael” destroyed base of the U.S. Air Force in Florida

The hurricane “Michael” Tindalos in the American State of Florida caused serious damage to base of the Air Force. It is said in the statement which representatives of a military facility published in Facebook.

“The zone of service of planes is devastated. Each structure sustained serious damage. Many buildings are completely destroyed. A hurricane Tindalos completely destroyed pier”, – it is said in the statement. Besides, fragments of the collapsed hangar damaged some planes, roofs of many buildings are broken, CBS News reports

At the moment the base is closed, electricity and the main communications do not work. Nevertheless, according to representatives of a military facility, the authorities quickly reacted to inquiry, and the help is expected already by the Friday evening.

The hurricane “Michael” fell upon the coast to the northwest from the city of Meksiko-Bich in Florida in the afternoon on Wednesday. Wind speed this day reached 250 kilometers per hour. On Thursday morning Michael weakened to a tropical storm. As a result of natural disaster at least six people died, epicenter of accident appeared in Panama City. By estimates of analysts, the economic damage from a hurricane can be billions of dollars.

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