The Indian police could not evacuate Allen Chau’ body from the Andaman Islands

 The Indian police officers could not take out from the Andaman Islands in Bay of Bengal a body of the U.S. citizen Allen Chau killed by islanders on November 17 TASS with reference to NDTV TV channel reports.
The police team by the boat approached on Saturday the Northern Sentinelsky island on distance about 400 meters, but was met by group of the natives armed with onions and arrows and decided not to enter the conflict. The chief of police Andaman Dependra Patak told journalists that law enforcement authorities seek to make everything not to allow new incidents on the island where in the conditions of full isolation several dozens of last representatives of the people of sentinelets live.


“They looked at us, and we looked at them. And our boat left to avoid risk of any confrontation”, – the TV channel quotes Patak. The U.S. citizen John Allen Chau was killed on November 17 by representatives of the tribe living on the Northern Sentinelsky island.
Seven local fishermen agreed for money to transport the 27-year-old American on the island to violation of the law. Now fishermen are detained, they reported that they saw how natives killed Chau with arrows and then dug his body in coastal sand. As appears from the diary of Chau which that left to fishermen, the American intended to preach to islanders Christianity, at the same time he was not a professional priest.
The police of the Indian Andaman Islands hold consultations with professional anthropologists to learn features of a funeral ritual of the islanders-sentineltsev who killed Chau. Law enforcement authorities expect that it can help to find safe both for police, and for islanders a possibility of evacuation of a body.
In total on Andamanakh nine island tribes, sentinelets – the most closed from the world live, their number is estimated at only 40-150 people. These people do not allow strangers to come to their territory and resolutely resist any attempts of contacts with them. The law forbids visit of the breeding island people without special permission.
According to Stephen Corrie, the director of the London organization Survival International which is engaged in protection of natives of the Andaman Islands, extinction of inhabitants became result of the British colonial board.

“Natives showed us more than once that they want that they were left alone, and their desire should be respected”, – he told.

After a devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean of 2004 the helicopter of the Indian Naval Forces flew over the Northern Sentinelsky island to check whether its inhabitants escaped. Natives then fired at the helicopter from onions.

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