The new opponent for Trump on 2020 elections

The former mayor of the American city of New York Michael Bloomberg anew joined the ranks of Democratic Party of the USA. It demonstrates that he intends to run for presidency in 2020, NBC News reports.

“Today I enter again Democratic party which member I was the most part of the life because we need democrats who will create control and stability, so necessary for our people” — he wrote in the Instagram.

Cory Lewandowski, one of advisers to the president Trump, said that the former city’s mayor can make the serious competition to the acting leader if is going to make a speech at presidential elections from democrats.

During the presidential race in the 2016th Bloomberg supported the candidate of democrats Hillary Clinton. In September The New York Times wrote that he seriously thinks of opposing Trump on elections of 2020. It was noted that one of Bloomberg’s advantages that he is not “The Washington insider”. Besides, it has funds for holding an election campaign, and its political views are supported by many democrats.

Bloomberg was a democrat before for the first time ran for the mayor of New York in 2001. Then he was elected from Republican Party and had to enter it. From republicans he was re-elected also in the 2005th, and in two years became the independent candidate later. As the independent promoted worker it was again elected to a post in 2009.

The former mayor created a state, having become the founder of LP Bloomberg media corporation. As notes NBC, earlier he promised to help democrats with the White House in 80 million dollars.

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