The number of supporters of Trump’s impeachment is growing.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped slightly amid the Ukraine scandal, and the number of impeachment supporters has risen, according to recent independent sociological research.

Trump's impeachment

Congressional Democrats began the impeachment process on September 24, suspecting him of seeking a personal political investigation from the Ukrainian leadership into the family of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is running for office. President in 2020. Trump denies accusations of attempting to orchestrate foreign interference in the U.S. election.
According to a study conducted by NBC and the Wall Street Journal on October 4-6, Trump’s approval rating is 43% (in August it was 45%).

According to research by the rasmussen Reports sociological center, between October 3-7, the president’s rating was 45%, while On September 25-29 it was 49%, and in August it reached 51%.
At the same time, the survey of the company quinnipiac estimates this figure at 40%, which is 1% less than the figures of the end of September. A Reuters/Ipsos survey of companies recorded a similar change, falling from 42% to 41%.

According to the average data of polls compiled by the resource Real Clear Politics, Trump’s minimum rating was in mid-December 2017 – 37.1%. At the same time, the maximum disapproval rating was recorded – 58.1%.

Sociologists also found out the opinion of Americans on the procedure of impeachment of Trump. For example, polls by the Washington Post/Schar School have documented growing support for impeachment. For example, in September of this year, according to the data of the quinnipiac, 37% of respondents were in favor of removing Trump from office, now 45% of them are. A Washington Post/ABC News poll in July showed that only 37 percent of Americans said Congress should begin impeachment proceedings. Now, their number has grown to 58%.

It is worth noting that different companies formulate different questions in research. Moreover, the number of supporters of Trump’s removal from power has traditionally been smaller than the supporters of launching an investigation against him, as many Americans are unsure of the president’s guilt and want Congress to understand this. This is shown, in particular, by the data of the latest poll of quinnipiac: 45% want to remove Trump, 49% – against it, but 53% support the investigation. According to an NBC and Wall Street Journal poll, 43 percent favor Trump’s impeachment and removal, while 49 percent oppose it.

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