The Police officers who detained George Floyd were indicted

Minnesota State Attorney General Keith Ellison indicted the police officers who detained African-American George Floyd, who subsequently died from their actions. This was reported by a senator from the state of Amy Klobuchar.

Three police officers who were present at the arrest were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder. In addition, the charges against police officer Derek Chauvin, who used a strangulation technique in the arrest of Floyd, have also been reclassified as second-degree murder. Before that, he had been charged with manslaughter.

George Floyd was arrested on May 25 outside a grocery store in Minneapolis. He allegedly paid with a fake check. The law enforcers pushed him out of the car and laid him on the tarmac. Floyd was kneeled down roughly by Chauvin, and he complained without resistance that he had nothing to breathe. Soon, the arrested man died of suffocation. Four cops were fired after what happened.

The police actions caused mass pogroms in the USA. Protesters are accusing Floyd of police death and racism.

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