The residents of Italy have immunity to the coronavirus

The residents of the Italian city of Ferrara and its surrounding areas were found immunity to the coronavirus. According to the publication La Nuova Ferrara, in the province registered an extremely low percentage of infected.

residents of the Italian city of Ferrara
Thus, in the province of Emilia Romagna, more than 14 thousand infected, while in Ferrara they are only 307. Such data was confirmed by the Commissioner of the Civil Protection Agency Sergio Venturi. According to him, compared to other provinces, Ferrara has managed to resist the coronavirus.

He noted that in neighboring Bologna, there are numerous cases of infection. “Maybe it’s a malaria area, or maybe it’s somehow related to thalassemia, a disease inherited from the recessive type,” Venturi said.

Earlier, researchers at the University of Minnesota used X-ray crystallography to create a three-dimensional map of coronavirus protein and ACE-2 cellular protein. This model will help scientists find potential drugs that will neutralize the SARS-CoV-2 until replication intensifies and further spreads the infection from one person to another.

According to recent data, in Italy, more than 105 thousand infected with the coronavirus. More than 12 thousand people died, more than 15 thousand were cured.

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