The results of the meeting between Trump and Putin in Osaka

The third talks between Russian and U.S. Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump lasted an hour and a half instead of the planned hour.trump putin osaka 2019

At the beginning of the meeting, the presidents exchanged greetings and outlined the main topics of the talks.

According to a White House statement on Twitter, the two presidents agreed that improving relations between Russia and the United States is in the interests of both countries and the world. They also discussed the situation in Iran, Syria, Venezuela and Ukraine and agreed to continue discussions on the modern arms control model. So far, only the American side has commented on the results of the meeting.

Trump said he expects an interesting discussion and excellent communication results. He promised to discuss trade and disarmament. Putin recalled that the presidents have not met since last summer, when they held talks in Helsinki. Also at the beginning of the meeting, Trump asked Putin not to interfere in the upcoming US elections. So he reacted to the question of the American journalist, whether Trump will demand from Putin not to influence the electoral process. Turning to Putin, he said twice with a smile: “Don’t interfere in the elections.” When Trump’s words were translated into Russian, Putin smiled, too.

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