The United States postponed the G7 summit to late June because of the coronavirus

The U.S. is moving the G7 summit from June 10 to the end of the month, U.S. Presidential National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said May 24.

The summit is planned to be held in a personal format, not via video conference. Where exactly the event may take place is still unknown, but earlier U.S. President Donald Trump spoke about the possibility of holding it at the Camp David residence near Washington.

As O’Brien said in an interview with the American television channel CBS, all G7 leaders are interested in a personal meeting. According to the advisor, “we’ll make sure everyone passes the coronavirus tests, that the environment is safe so that the leaders can come here to Washington … We’re looking at the end of June because of the logistics of the world leaders, the details of security and planning for the event.

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