The USA has threatened with “drastic measures” to other countries for intervention in the elections

The USA will take drastic measures to punish those who interfere with the American electoral process or will try to make it. It is said in the joint statement of the office of the director of the National intelligence, Ministry of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Department of Homeland Security published on October 19.

“The foreign states long time wanted to use open and free political system of the USA, however, as the president has said recently, we won’t allow foreign intervention in the elections, – TASS quotes it is the document. – The executive decree on imposition of sanctions in case of foreign intervention in elections in the USA which the president Trump has signed on September 12 clearly lets know that the American government will resolutely protect our electoral process or to punish those who interfere with him”.

– The USA has brought charges of intervention in elections to the Russian connected with Prigozhin’s firms

In the statement it is claimed that Russia, China, Iran and some other countries continue to make attempts of influence on the American electoral process. “We are concerned by the continuing campaigns from Russia, China and other foreign characters, including Iran, designed to undermine confidence to democratic institutes [USA] and also to affect public opinion and state policy, – it is noted in the document. – This activity can be also directed to opinion of voters and decision-making of rather American elections of 2018 and 2020″.
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“Various elements of these campaigns can take a set of the forms, including use of social media to strengthen subjects which is caused by disagreements sponsoring of advance of certain content in English-language media, such as RT and Sputnik, distribution of misinformation concerning candidates lips of the sympathizing persons and also foreign promotion”, – authors of the statement have listed.

The USA hasn’t recorded successful attempts to crack the selective infrastructure

At the same time in the document it is reported that so far U.S. authorities haven’t recorded “certificates of a komprometirovaniye or breaking of [selective] infrastructure that would allow our opponents to prevent carrying out vote, to affect the course of electoral process, to interfere with counting of votes, or to prevent us to carry out counting of votes during intermediate elections [to the Congress]”.

“States and local justices reported some about attempts to get access to their computer networks – which often include databases of the registered voters – using available to the state and non-state cybercriminals, – is noted in the statement. – Nevertheless so far representatives of states and local authorities were able to prevent or to finish quickly with such attempts”.

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