The USA intends to impose the second a part of sanctions against Russia

The U.S. Administration intends to impose the second part of sanctions against Russia in the matter of Skripal, the State Department Spokesperson told . “We do not anticipate the decision on sanctions, but legislations intend to fulfill the requirements”, – this representative noted, speaking about the Law on control over chemical and biological weapons and will lock its military application of 1991 which orders to apply sanctions.

The first part of sanctions in the matter of Skripal was entered by the American side on August 27. As declared then State Department if in 90 days Moscow does not execute a number of criteria, then new sanctions will be imposed. However 90 days allotted by the law expired, and the U.S. Administration did not accept any new steps yet.

The second part of the package of sanctions provides, in particular, a possibility of lowering of the level of bilateral diplomatic relations at the initiative of the USA or even their suspensions, actually total ban of export to Russia of any American goods, except food and also import of the Russian goods by the United States, including oil and oil products, deprivation of the right for landing in the USA of planes of any airline which is controlled by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Also introduction of personal sanctions against the people participating in distribution of chemical weapon is supposed. Between the U.S. Government and citizens from the black list any contracts and transactions will be forbidden. Also import to the USA of products or the services made by the companies connected with fallen under sanctions will be forbidden.

The State Department refused to report on the basis of what data or intelligence information unambiguous conclusions were drawn on participation of Russia in poisoning in the British Salisbury.

At the same time U.S. authorities said that they would not like to resort to realization of the second stage of these restriktion – for this purpose Russia has to present to the American side convincing assurances of what will not violate the provision of international law in the field of the ban of chemical weapon any more and also has to allow conducting inspections on places of the UN and the international independent observers to guarantee that the government does not use chemical weapons in defiance of international law.

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