The USA will force Russian military out from Venezuela

Washington accurately let know Moscow that the USA is ready to make all necessary

The U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned that the USA is ready to use “other means” in the arsenal after diplomatic attempts to convince Russia to bring military personnel out of Venezuela did not find any response from Moscow.
“We, of course, spoke with Russians. We spoke to them, we take the threat connected with further use of their military force in Venezuela how seriously”, – Pompeo in a radio interview said.
“I tried to convince them that it not in their interests. I think, I did not manage it, – he recognized. – Therefore we will address other means of the American power that the Venezuelan people had a chance to receive democracy which they deserve, without the Cuban or Russian boot put to their throat”.
The Secretary of State did not begin to specify about what “other means” he there is a speech, but reminded that the president Donald Trump accurately let know to Moscow that the USA “is ready to make all necessary to force Russians out”.

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