The White House denied that Trump glorified the violence in the Minneapolis protests

A comment from Twitter that the message of U.S. President Donald Trump contains glorification of violence was denied in the White House on May 29. It is reported on the White House Twitter page.

“The president did not glorify the violence. He clearly condemned it,” reads the message – Jack Dorsey is the founder and head of Twitter – and biased, unscrupulous “fact-checkers” on Twitter made it obvious: Twitter is not a platform, but a publishing house.

Let us remind you that Trump’s report, hidden by the social network, concerned the situation in Minneapolis, where riots and pogroms started during protests against the killing of a black American by a white policeman. Trump promised the governor of the state the support of the military and warned that shootings could start in response to the pogroms.

It’s not the first time the social network has censored Trump’s messages. In response to previous actions, Trump accused Twitter of interfering in the elections and threatened to close the social network.

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