The White House looks for ways of financial support Guaido

The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump studies options of financial support to the opposition leader Juan Guaido.

 This is reported by CNN with reference to three sources. It is possible to refer to payments to different people, including military.
“They try to find out how to help provisional government to provide payment of salaries and similar things that it was possible to tell: “Hey, we the working government”” — the high-ranking adviser of Republican party told CNN.
Sources of TV channel noted that money will hardly send directly to Venezuela, considering their means of air defense. According to their version, the administration of mister Trump can transport money, for example, to Colombia, and from there through border already to Venezuela. Besides, the former official of treasury of the country Michael Dorbson told CNN that department can even soften sanctions against the state companies of the Bolivarian republic.
One of the high-ranking officials in the USA noted that now it is especially important to help mister Guaido as the administration sees, “as the internal entrusted Maduro’s circle collapses”. Besides, according to sources of TV channel, financial support is important, especially after Juan Guaido even after negotiations of the closest allies receives not a smog sufficient support of military. Experts believe that it can be connected with the fact that the leader of oppositionists announced start of the final phase “Operations “Freedom”” earlier, than planned. This fact, according to analitok, “took unawares and angered” a gosdepartment.
Also, according to sources, it was entrusted to staff of the U.S. Embassy to return to Caracas, perhaps, to the next few weeks that “again to open” embassy.
Let’s remind, in January the leader of the Venezuelan opposition Juan Guaido proclaimed himself the acting president. He was supported by the USA and the majority of the countries of Europe. The current president Nicolás Maduro said that the post before the termination of term does not intend to leave. Russia, Turkey and China are on its side.
Since April 30 in Venezuela the new wave of protests during which more than 300 people suffered already began, 240 are detained. The head of the Venezuelan Ministry of Defence Vladimir Padrino Lopez claimed that supporters of opposition tried to make a coup d’etat again. The authorities of Venezuela also said that they intend to protect themselves from external invasion.

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