There have been more COVID-19 casualties in the U.S. than World War I American soldiers

According to the latest statistics, the U.S. beat another anti-record – the number of deaths after infection with coronavirus exceeded the number of deaths in the First World War American military. According to the ABC news service with reference to the University of Hopkins, the United States already has more than 116 thousand deaths among those infected with COVID-19.

The current mortality rate during the pandemic, the ABC notes, is not accurate, nor is the number of American deaths on battlefields during World War I accurate.

Historians and the Congressional Research Service believe that 116,516 Americans died in the trenches of World War I. And the number of deaths in the pandemic exceeds this figure by “only” 10 people. But in any case, for all the possible statistical errors, and given that the number of diagnosed cases of coronavirus infection in the U.S. remains high, the conclusion is one: the United States of America for this pandemic, if not lost, is likely to lose more citizens than in the battles of 100 years ago.

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