There was no bomb in the New York office of CNN TV channel

The police did not find a bomb in the New York office of CNN TV channel. As it was reported on the website of TV channel, on December 6 at 10:30PM local time the call that in the building a bomb is planted came to the headquarters of the company.

The office was urgently evacuated, in an hour the TV channel already aired via Skype. The building where the office is placed, was surrounded by police, on nearby streets is blocked off traffic and pedestrians. “The police reported about lack of threat, and it was authorized to employees to return to the building, – the president of the company Jeff Tsuker told. – We highly appreciate fast actions of local authorities, patience and professionalism of employees”.

Earlier evacuation of CNN was carried out in October when the parcel with the device consisting of wires and the piece of a pipe resembling bomb components superficially came to the headquarters of the company. To the building there arrived the group of explosives technicians, rapid response team and several police cars. Evacuation happened after the signal of fire alarm was included.

Staff of the New York police studied a suspicious package, handling it as with the real explosive device similar to those which were intercepted by Secret service of the USA and were addressed to the White House and also to the ex-president Barack Obama, the ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and several other kingpins.

On October 25 FBI confirmed the fact of interception of several more parcels with explosive, two of them were addressed to the former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden and one – to the famous critic of the U.S. President Donald Trump actor Robert De Niro. Also parcels were sent to the ex-director of the national intelligence of the USA James Clapper,  to Maxine Waters, senator Cory Booker  and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

On October 26 the police of the USA detained on suspicion of mass mailing of parcels of 56-year-old César Sailloc. It was calculated on the fingerprint left on one of the sent envelopes. Besides, on two explosive devices DNA traces were found.

Brought to Sailloc charges under five articles of the criminal code of the USA under which threatens it up to 58 years of prison. These charges include “transportation of explosive substances, illegal sending explosive substances by mail, threat to the former president and other persons, threat to communication systems and attack on the being and acting federal employees”. Can bring to Sailloc also other charges in this connection the imprisonment term will become longer.

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