Trump advised China not to pull the trade deal

Trump advised China not to pull the trade deal before the 2020 elections

China should not delay the conclusion of a trade deal with the United States, says U.S. president Donald Trump.
“I think that China felt that they had been beaten so badly at the recent talks that they could also wait until the next elections in 2020 and find out if they were lucky and the Democrat would win,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

According to him, in this case, CHINA will be able to continue to “Rob” the U.S. by $500 million a year. “The only problem is that they know I will win,” the U.S. president added.
If the deal is concluded during its second term, its terms will be “much worse” for the Chinese side than it is now, he warned. The Chinese authorities “would be wise to act now,” wrote Trump and added that he likes to “collect big duties”.
On Friday, May 10, Trump ordered to impose a fee for the import of Chinese goods into the United States for a total amount of $300 billion. The list of products under the tariffs of the United States trade mission should be published on May 13.
This happened after the US president accused China of disrupting the trade deal. At the same time, the U.S. authorities reported a new round of talks with the Chinese side.
Sources of The Wall Street Journal said that the increase in fees could lead to China’s refusal to negotiate. According to the newspaper’s interlocutors, Trump’s decision to raise tariffs surprised Beijing, as it was expected that the parties would be able to achieve progress in the new negotiations.

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