Trump asked Congress to allocate more than $700 million to fight Russian influence in Europe and Asia

The administration of President Donald Trump has released a draft budget for the 2021 fiscal year starting in October. The project assumes revenues of $ 3.7 trillion and expenditures of $ 4.79 trillion.

Trump asked Congress to allocate more than $700 million
Among other things, the White House proposes to allocate more than $ 700 million to counter “Russian influence”. This money will be sent to us allies in Europe and Asia to strengthen common security and protect territorial integrity. In addition, part of the funds will be allocated to support the abandonment of Russian weapons and reduce dependence on energy from the Russian Federation.

It is also proposed to allocate $ 24 million to counter “Russian disinformation and propaganda”.

This is the last draft budget proposed by the Donald Trump administration before the US presidential election in November 2020.

The US Congress develops the final us budget at its discretion, with the White House draft lawmakers use to determine overall priorities for spending public funds.

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