Trump calls London mayor ‘horrible and incompetent’

US President Donald Trump has engaged in a twitter row with London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who has criticised him for cancelling  visit to Poland for events marking the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of World War II.

Trump Sadiq Khan

Earlier, Trump canceled a trip to Poland, citing the need to lead the response to Hurricane Dorian. Khan, who attended events in Poland, told Politico that Trump was unable to come because he was “clearly busy – battling a hurricane off a golf course.”

“The incompetent Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was concerned that I played a very fast game of golf yesterday,” Trump wrote. In doing so, he wrote both the name of the mayor with errors (Sadique Kahn instead of Sadiq Khan).

Trump argues that while others can play golf for hours or weeks, he quickly walks through one of his own fields. “It’s very inexpensive – President (Barack) Obama would have flown to Hawaii for that,” Trump said. The current U.S. president has in the past criticized Obama for costly golf trips. Trump’s critics say that after the election, he has forced taxpayers to spend millions of dollars to keep him safe on vacation and on travel expenses.

Trump also advised Khan to focus on fighting crime in London, which the U.S. president believes is “completely out of control.”
“People are afraid to just walk the streets. He’s a terrible mayor who shouldn’t interfere in our affairs!” trump concluded.
Khan and Trump have repeatedly exchanged barbs in absentia. On his first visit to London, Trump called Khan a “complete loser,” and he compared the US president to a tacting schoolboy.

Earlier Donald Trump has said that Russia should start taking part in the summits of the G7

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