Trump directed the armed soldiers to border with Mexico

The U.S. President Donald Trump said on April 24 that the American soldiers are directed to border of the USA and Mexico.

“For this moment we send armed forces to the American-Mexican border”, – Trump wrote to Twitter.
At the same time he noted again that Mexico makes not enough efforts for detention and return to the country of the illegal immigrants seeking to get to the USA.
Before it Trump noted that “very big caravan from more than 20 thousand people began the way through Mexico”.
“Mexico reduced its size, however it still goes. Mexico has to stop those who remained, or we should close this site of border and to mobilize military. Smugglers and cartels have a weapon”, – the U.S. President emphasized.
At the beginning of April of the Ministry of Defence of the USA said what will allocate one billion dollars for construction of 91 kilometers of a wall along border with Mexico. Construction of this wall was one of the main election pledges of Trump. Its construction caused a set of a controversy in the congress and even led to long shutdown.

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