Trump meets Kim Jong Un at Korean DMZ

President Trump and Kim Jong Un

Trump and Kim meeting

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and U.S. President Donald Trump have concluded negotiations in the South Korean part of the demilitarized zone, Asian TV channels broadcast ingesting this event.
Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in escorted Kim Jong-un to the border. The North Korean leader crossed it and returned to his homeland.
The communication between the two leaders lasted about an hour – much more than expected.
Following the meeting, Trump said he had voiced Kim Jong-un the idea of a trip to Washington.


At some point, all this will take place,” the American president told reporters in South Korea after talks with the North Korean leader.
The U.S. President also noted that thanks to his efforts, the situation on the Korean peninsula has stabilized: the DPRK no longer conducts ballistic missile and nuclear weapons tests.
Asked how he perceives periodic launches of missiles in North Korea without ballistic technology, Trump said he has nothing against it because “almost everyone experiences such missiles.”
Trump reiterated that sanctions against North Korea remain in place, but did not rule out that the situation could change in the future.

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