Trump promises to complete a wall on border with Mexico

The American president Donald Trump said that the wall on border of the USA with Mexico is already partially ready, and the American military will finish construction of a protection in case representatives of Democratic party in the U. S. Congress do not approve allocation of the budget on this project. He threatened democrats that their refusal to support the volume of expenses on construction of a wall demanded by it on border with Mexico will lead to suspension of work of the government, such US news today.
“People do not realize how many works on construction of a wall, including very effective reconstruction, were already done. If democrats do not vote for [ensuring] safety of our country, military will complete the remained wall sections. They understand as far as it is important!” – the president wrote.
According to Trump, partial reconstruction of a wall and also presence of military on the southern border of the USA allowed to stop considerably a stream of so-called caravans – groups of migrants of the countries of Central America.
“I will be proud to suspend work of the government on the reasons connected with safety of our borders”, – the president added later.
The meeting with leaders of Democratic party in the Oval office on Tuesday quickly developed into a squabble between Trump and his interlocutors – the leader of democratic minority in the Senate Chuck Sumer and the leader of democrats in the House of Representatives of the Congress Nancy Pelosi.
Earlier Trump already said that he would like that the government suspended work in case the U. S. Congress does not approve allocation of five billion dollars necessary for construction of a wall on border with Mexico. The term of agreements in force on financing of a number of public institutions expires on December 21, and the authorities need to reach important agreements to avoid a stop of work of authorities due to the lack of financing.
Trump threatens several months with what will not go to the agreement with democrats if its requirements concerning the volume of expenses on construction of a wall are not met completely. The president expects that for these purposes it will be allocated to 5 billion dollars whereas democrats call only 1.3 billion as a ceiling of expenses.
On the seventh of December the legislature did not adopt the budget for 2019 financial year which in the USA began already on October 1, however the president signed the draft resolution about the next temporary extension of work of the federal government till December 21.
In the territory of Mexico there are about 9.5 thousand natives of Central America seeking to be granted asylum in the USA now. About 500 of them made on November 25 an attempt to break from the Mexican city of Tijuana in San Diego. To stop them, the American authorities applied tear gas and rubber bullets.
As Trump claims, among the migrants who crowded on border there were hundreds of criminals. He disposed to send 5.2 thousand servicemen for the help to frontier guards to prevent possible mass transition to the territory of the USA of migrants. Trump is convinced that illegal immigrants whom in the USA there are about 11 million people should be revealed and deported.

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