Trump threatened the mayor of Washington Muriel Bowser by deploying additional military forces

President Donald Trump, harshly reacted on Twitter to statements by Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, who decided to rename part of the street in front of the White House in honor of the participants in the large-scale protests and attached a video in his post on social networks, which shows how a road sign with the “new” name of the quarter is installed near the Trump residence. She also ordered to cancel the curfew in the U.S. capital and sent President Trump a letter demanding the withdrawal of “all emergency federal law enforcement and military forces” from Washington.

In response, Trump called Bowser “an incompetent mayor whose budget was completely out of control. According to him, the mayor of Washington constantly comes to the White House for “handouts” and entered into a war with the National Guard, which “over the past few days saved her from a huge shame. Earlier, Donald Trump praised the reaction and actions of law enforcement officials and, in particular, the U.S. Secret Service, to protests in the capital. He also urged local authorities to “dominate the streets” in response to the protesters’ actions. Trump promised that if Bowser also treats security personnel badly, he will decide to introduce another group of military personnel to Washington.

In Washington, D.C., the streets are under the jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Police Department, but the area around the White House compound falls under federal jurisdiction, CNN said. Meanwhile, according to the Guardian with reference to sources in local law enforcement agencies, in Washington on Saturday, probably, the largest protest action will be held, in which about 200 thousand people intend to participate. Local police have already announced the closure of several streets leading to the White House.

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