Trump urges governors to take harsher action against those involved in the riots

President Donald Trump urges U.S. state governors to take decisive action against rioters across the country, The Hill wrote on Monday, citing several sources.

According to one source, Trump, during an audio conference, told the governors to “take over” and “get their streets back under control”. The U.S. president said he was still dissatisfied with the governors’ actions and called the measures taken against the riots too weak.

It was reported that at the time of the call Trump called on the governors to start more active arrests of law enforcement officials. “You have to start sending them to prison for 10 years, and that’s when the problem will be solved,” cited the American leader of CBS News.

Protests in Washington are on par with speeches all over the country and have begun in response to the death of African American George Floyd. A man was detained by police in Minneapolis May 25. At the time of the arrest, one of the policemen pressed Floyd’s neck with his knee. The man subsequently died in intensive care, and a video of his detention was made available on the Internet, causing a violent reaction.

Trump has repeatedly noted that he understands those who went out to peaceful protests, but he assured that he would fight hard against the instigators of the riots.

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