Trump’s lawyer posted correspondence with Kurt Volker

Giuliani published correspondence with Kurt Volker and a man named Andrew, with whom he arranges a meeting.

giuliani on trump zelensky conversation

Us President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani has published correspondence about his talks about a meeting with the President’s aide Andrei Ermak. Giuliani posted screenshots of the conversations on Twitter.

Giuliani coordinated his meeting with Ermak through Kurt Volker, the former U.S. State Department special representative for Ukraine. In the published screenshot, Volker tells Giuliani: “Please send dates when you’re in Madrid. I’m meeting Ermak tomorrow morning. He will fly to Madrid.”

In a subsequent tweet, Giuliani showed a message from a man named Andrew: “Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for an honest and productive conversation. I am sure that from today everything will go quickly and we will be able to raise our relations to a new level. If I have your schedule, I’ll plan a trip to meet in person.”

Giuliani also revealed messages from Volker and U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sandland discussing information about President Vladimir Zelensky. Sondland wrote to Giuliani: “Rudy, just talked to Volker. He gave me new information about zelensky. I’ve also spoken directly to Zelensky.”

Volker, according to the correspondence, was ready to advise Giuliani: “I would like to tell you more about the discussion about Zelensky and also about the Russian-Ukrainian dynamics.”

Giuliani declares in one tweet: “Walker should not be a scapegoat.” Volker will address the U.S. Congress today as part of the investigation into Trump’s impeachment.


  • In September, U.S. intelligence was concerned about the Trump-Green conversation in July: the U.S. president allegedly “pressured” the interlocutor. Because of this, Congress initiated impeachment of the owner of the White House.
  • Earlier, the Us media wrote that Trump allegedly wants to force greensky to help him with the 2020 presidential race through an investigation against a competitor possibly connected with corruption in Ukraine. The media linked the temporary freeze of military aid to Ukraine with this.
  • Trump denies everything – and showed a transcript of that conversation with Green: read her full text.
  • Today, the report of an informant from the U.S. intelligence community, from which the current scandal began, was declassified and published.

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