Trump’s star was destroyed in Hollywood over the protests of George Floyd’s death

At the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, unidentified men smashed the star, Donald Trump. This was reported on the Twitter portal The Academy Music Business.

The reason for this action is unknown. Presumably, this is due to the protests, which have engulfed dozens of cities in the U.S. and are accompanied by riots, vandalism, and attacks on police. It all began after the death in Minneapolis, Minnesota, of a blackguard, George Floyd, who died after being brutally arrested.

This isn’t the first time the 45th President’s star has been vandalized. Thus, in July 2018, an unknown man came to the Alley of Fame with a guitar case, pulled a pickaxe out of it, and crushed the monument. Then the intruder called the police on his own and left. Later it became known that the man surrendered to the guards of order. A few days later, a guard of two soldiers in epaulets of the Soviet army appeared near the Trump star. Actors were wearing ear hats and shawls, despite the hot sun. One of them was holding the Russian flag in his hands.

A memorial sign with the name Trump was installed near the Dolby cinema in 2007. He was awarded for his work as a presenter on his own TV show The Apprentice.

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