Two American teenagers came by the tractor on airfield, skyjacked the plane and departed on it to other city

Two teenagers skyjacked the small plane in the city of Dzhensen in the east of the American State of Utah and successfully flew by on it to other city where landed.

Car thieves who were 14 and 15 years old “borrowed” on November 22 the single-engine Cessna plane in private airfield and overcame 24 km to the Vernal airport Rigina in the same state, The Desert News with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies reports.

Police officers detained violators and delivered to the pre-trial detention center in the point of destination. At office of the sheriff of the District of Uinta the edition was told that earlier this week teenagers ran away from a shelter to Uosatch the Front, and on a runway came by the tractor. Then they probably decided to replace the vehicle. The police believe that young people wanted to return to Uosatch the Front, but replaced the direction.

Let’s note, a similar story with teenagers and plane occurred many years ago in Chelyabinsk region. In the summer of 2002 tipsy young people rushed on the parking of AH-2 and, threatening with metal objects, forced crew “to take for a drive” them over the native settlement of Yuzhny.

Pilots agreed to fulfill the requirement of aggressors, but during flight reported about an event to the dispatcher and local militia. As soon as the plane landed, all seven hooligans (five young people and two girls) were detained.

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