Two unique mutations of the coronavirus have been identified In Estonia

Scientists at the University of Tartu have identified two mutations of the coronavirus, which are found only in Estonia.

According to the University press service on Tuesday, “compared to the original strain spreading in China, eight mutations have been detected in Estonian strains, which are also found in other regions of the world, and two mutations, which are currently found only in Estonia.

These conclusions were drawn from studies of coronavirus genome sequences (SARS-CoV-2) in six infected residents.

Aare Abroi, a bioinformatics specialist at the University of Tartu, said that all the strains analyzed belong to the SARS-CoV-2 A2a group. Its spread is believed to be associated with northern Italy and it causes disease mainly in Europe.

“Along with the mutations in Europe or other regions, two more mutations of the virus genome have appeared in Estonia,” the scientist said.

Experts now intend to analyze the complete virus genome based on samples taken from more patients in Estonia. This will make it possible to clarify how the virus spreads and in cases where the source of infection is still unknown, the scientists believe.

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