Two USA military planes crashed after collision at coast of Japan.

At coast of the Japanese island of Shikoku on the night of December 6 two military planes of the USA – the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet strike fighter and the KC-130 air refueller collided.

Incident occurred at about two o’clock in the morning (20:00 Moscow time), is reported on Twitter of US Marine Corps. Both planes took off from base of the marines of the USA of Iwakuni located in the south of Japan and carried out the usual in advance planned training flight, Reuters with reference to US Marine Corps and the Ministry of Defence of Japan reports.

Onboard planes in total there were seven people, one serviceman managed to be found live. Now he has medical examination on the basis of Iwakuni. The second person was found in 10 hours after the crash and brought aboard the Japanese warship, reported in the ministry. No other details are reported about the second marine.

Search and rescue services of Naval forces of self-defense of Japan and the American aircraft continue search of five other American servicemen who were in planes.

Incident occurred in 322 km from the Japanese coast during refueling of planes. Military investigate the reasons of the occurred accident.

At the moment no damage to fishery vessels which could be in the area of falling of planes is recorded to the Kyodo agency notes.

The Military Times newspaper reported earlier that aviation incidents from 2013 to 2017 began to occur more often almost for 40%. In these incidents at least 133 American servicemen died.

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