U.S. lawyers sue China for coronavirus lies

More and more lawyers are filing lawsuits against China in the United States. The state of Missouri is also suing the government in Beijing. China speaks of the abuse of rights.

Missouri is the first US state to advance. The rural state in the heart of the USA has sued the Chinese government for the coronavirus. Missouri’s Attorney General Eric Schmitt accuses Beijing of lying to the world about COVID-19 and not doing enough to stop its spread.

This has also led to deaths, illnesses, and economic damage in his state, Schmitt accuses. He also accuses China of hoarding protective clothing.

Missouri will probably not be the only state to bring charges. Now that the pandemic has also reached the United States, the hour has come for lawyers.

More than 800,000 Americans have already tested positive for the coronavirus, 45,000 have died of it. The virus has long since spread from the New York hotspot across the entire country. The economy stands still and costs the state trillions in aid money.

Several law firms have already filed class actions, in which not only COVID-19 victims but also nurses and people who have lost their jobs can participate. Individual plaintiffs from all over the world are also looking with interest at the United States as a location for lawsuits.

Thanks to a law dating from 1976, it is already possible to sue foreign states and governments in a federal court in the U.S. The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act was enacted primarily to combat terrorism and provides for certain exceptions under which the normally applicable immunity of states is waived.

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