UFC Fight Night 165 : Korean Zombie Knocked Edgar

South Korea’s Busan ended the final UFC tournament this year, with the main event in which “Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung, the former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar, suffered the toughest beating in his career.
Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung

Already at the end of the first minute of the match the local fan favorite managed to shake his rival with the left hook, and after a few more seconds “Korean Zombie” powerful series sent the American to the floor.

After taking his back, Chan Sung Jung spent a minute trying to finish his opponent by alternating blows to the head with strangulation attempts, but the referee Marc Goddard decided that Edgar did enough to stay in the game and did not hurry to stop the meeting. Two minutes before the end of the round, the U.S. fighter managed to return to the rack, but the first accurate series of “Korean Zombie” sent a pretty shabby Edgar in another knockdown and after a short achievement Goddard stopped the fight, fixing the victory of Chan Sung Jung by technical knockout.

In a post-match interview, Korean Zombies said it wants to see reigning UFC lightweight champion Alexander Volkanovski as its rival in the next game.

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