UFC fighter Mike Perry knocked out a stranger on the street

American UFC fighter Mike Perry knocked out a stranger on the street. The video appeared on the athlete’s Instagram.

In the video’s description, Perry explained the reason for the brawl. He stated that the man first started to pick him up and hit him in the mouth area. “I could have finished him off, but instead I turned to the police. Better not play with fire. When you provoke me, it will be very bad. Watch yourself, ” the athlete wrote.


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Goin to the beach boy ! #Tbt #ViralChallenge #YOLO He’d actually just punched me in the mouth. (Why do you think they started recording) I created space, he followed with his fists balled. As I stepped into position around the girl he either flinched or got distracted from what his drunk ass was doing which was harassing me. He wouldn’t stop so I ended it. I threw the jab/hook split seconds before he looked to the left. I could’ve continued to ground and pound him to death but walked away and spoke to the police. For any of you acting like you’ve ever done anything for me please believe you play with fire you’re gonna get burned. If you can mind your space and social distance yourself from my personal bubble than anything can be resolved through conversation. Judge me all you want you bunch of cry to get your way hypocrite’s but I live an honest life and am the most truthful person I know. I share my life with all of you watching so please believe if you feel like you want to butt into anything you were not involved in than you, yo mama, yo daddy, yo wife, husbands, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, and grandma’s and grandpa’s can get these pro fighter hands too since it’s ok to hit me but not ok when I hit back. Check yo selves !

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Perry has 12 wins and six losses in mixed martial arts(MMA). In the last match, he lost by technical knockout to compatriot Geoff Neal.

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