UK and Japan blocked Huawei

Japan and the UKĀ  joined the Huawei lockdown.

Japan and the United Kingdom joined the Huawei lockdown. The Chinese company deprived the main suppliers of components for their devices.
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Based in the UK and owned by the Japanese Softbank, ARM Holdings notified its employees of the cessation of all contacts with the Chinese IT Giant and its affiliated companies. ARM develops and licenses processors used in all types of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, car systems, and more.

Softbank, who is also one of the largest mobile operators in Japan, joined his colleagues from DoCoMo and KDDI, announcing that he would stop taking orders for Huawei phones. Another Japanese company-Panasonic-also announced the cessation of cooperation with Huawei.

British mobile operators have suspended pre-orders for phones 5G from a Chinese company, in particular orders ceased to take Vodafone.

They are now reviewing the continued use of the Chinese company’s devices, as is the statement of mobile operators.

Recall that on May 15, U.S. President Donald Trump signed an executive decree introducing a state of emergency to protect the U.S. information and communications infrastructure against foreign threats. Later it became known that the U.S. Department of Commerce decided to make the Chinese company Huawei and its associated legal entities on its blacklist due to the threat of national security. This decision entered into force on 17 May.

Huawei Google and US ban.

Google has already suspended cooperation with Huawei in areas requiring the transfer of hardware, SOFTWARE and technical services except those that are publicly available under an open License.

In addition, Microsoft, which supplies Windows for Huawei devices, has been connected to the lock.

The toughest pressure on Huawei is the sharp phase of the trade war between CHINA and the United States. As we have repeatedly noted, the struggle is not about eliminating trade imbalances, but for the world’s leadership in the technology sector.
The Chinese have made a huge leap in recent years and even started to be leaders in some positions. It is clear that Washington will not sit and watch the events idly.

The PRC is also trying to take retaliatory measures. Chinese companies order all their employees to boycott American goods and stop international travel to the U.S., reports The Epoch Times.

Last Thursday, May 16, Jinggang car inspection station notified all employees that the company’s new policy prohibits the use of iphones, driving American cars, eating at American fast food restaurants , the use of American goods for home and even travel to the USA; Any employee who violates the new rules will be dismissed.

People all over China called for an immediate boycott of Apple products after the Trump administration struck Huawei.

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