Ukraine has initiated a corruption case against Poroshenko and Obama

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) has initiated a case against former President Petro Poroshenko for embezzlement of international financial aid funds and their legalization. Former US President Barack Obama is also involved in the case, Verkhovna Rada member from the opposition platform “For Life” Renat Kuzmin said.
corruption case against Poroshenko and Obama
On 14 January, Kuzmin said that the High Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine obliged the NABU to investigate the facts of the seizure of power and corruption, and the proceedings will be opened against Poroshenko and the Obama administration. He called this decision unprecedented in its historical significance.

Kuzmin reminded of the version of the lawyer for the current US President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani that Obama and Poroshenko had conspired to overthrow the government in Ukraine and that the money stolen from the country was shared between Poroshenko, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former US Vice President Joe Biden.

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