Ukrainian nationalist accused of driving over protesters in Minneapolis

In an attempt to hit a convoy of people in Minneapolis on Sunday night, a Ukrainian national is suspected. He will be charged with attempting to commit violence against a group of people during a protest action. The motives for his actions are still unknown.

According to Fox9, a tank truck driver, 35-year-old Ukrainian Bohdan Vecherko tried to drive into a crowd of protesters at high speed, who blocked the road because of the murder of black George Floyd in Minneapolis. It is noted in social networks that Vecirko was a supporter of Ukrainian nationalists and served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the Strana newspaper, Vecirko is a native of Vinnytsia region and currently lives a half an hour’s drive from Minneapolis. He works for an American cargo company as an external contractor under the contract.

Minnesota State Police and the Criminal Investigation Bureau are conducting a joint investigation into what caused the truck to collide with a semi-automatic engine that hit demonstrators on the I-35W highway, according to a report from the Minnesota Department of Public Security.

According to a 9 News correspondent from the scene in Minneapolis, dozens of people were able to run away as the truck was moving, before the truck stopped. Protesters pulled the driver out of his cab and then began beating him. The man was beaten by the law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene. He was first taken to a nearby hospital with beatings and then taken to Hennepin County Prison. Vecirko himself said during interrogation that he was already on the highway when he allegedly lost control and could not control his vehicle. Meanwhile, commentators noted that the traffic on the highway was already blocked by that time. Fortunately, it was possible to avoid victims and injuries among hundreds of people.

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