Unique nearly new Ferrari F40 with 193 miles run, up for sale in Florida

The unique Ferrari F40 of 1992 was put up for sale in the United States. The supercar has spent all 28 years in the collection, has covered 193 miles, and was regularly serviced, so the safety of the car is flawless.

Up for sale Ferrari F40 – one of 213, which were supplied to the U.S. The supercar belongs to the last batch of F40 and is distinguished by carbon fiber door panels. For the sake of weight saving, there are no excesses in the interior of the car, except for the air conditioning: the window lifters are manual, and there is no audio system.
Ferrari F40 with 193 miles run
Behind the cockpit there is a Twin-Turbo V8 with a working volume of 2936 cubic centimeters. The unit is combined with 5-speed “mechanics” and produces 478 horsepower (577 Nm of torque). Drive is on the rear axle. Ferrari F40 weighs only 1100 kg, so acceleration from a place up to 100 kilometers per hour takes 4.1 seconds, and the maximum speed exceeds 320 kilometers per hour.
Ferrari F40 193 miles run
From 1987 to 1992, Ferrari has produced 1315 copies of the F40, every year the number of surviving supercars is decreasing, and the price of the remaining models is increasing.

The Motor Show from Florida, which put up for sale the F40 with a run of 311 kilometers does not name the price, but there is no doubt that for a rare Ferrari in its original condition it will be possible to get more than 1.5 million dollars.

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