United States is raising the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21

U.S. proposes to raise minimum age to buy tobacco to 21 years.

under 21 smoking
The U.S. congressional Senate introduced a bill banning tobacco from being bought to people under 21 years of age. It was introduced by the leader of the Republican Senate majority Mitch McConnell and the Democrat senator from Virginia Tim Kane, reports Fox News.

Legislators propose to raise the age of cigarette sales across the country from 18 to 21 years. The step is aimed at reducing the use of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, which may not be tobacco, but there is nicotine.

The senators noted that recently in the U.S. the demand for weps among teenagers has risen sharply. “We are at the epicenter of the national epidemic. Youth Weping is a health crisis, “McConnell said. He added that the bill did not provide bans on tobacco cultivation or consumption by adults.

In February, a bill was reported in the Parliament of the American state of Hawaii, which aims to wean residents from smoking. The document envisages a gradual increase in the age requirement for the sale of cigarettes up to 100 years.

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