Unknown treasure hunter found $1 million worth of ‘Fenn treasure’ in the United States

Unknown treasure hunter discovered in the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. the so-called treasure of Fenn – a chest of jewelry, hidden there collector and veteran of the Vietnam War Forrest Fenn, CBS News reported on Monday with reference to the statement of Fenn himself.

On the eve of June 7, 89-year-old Fenn reported that he was contacted by a man who did not want to reveal his identity, and announced that he had found a bronze chest of gold coins, jewelry, gems and other valuables worth more than $1 million. The man sent a picture of the chest as proof of his words, Fenn said.

Fenn also said he did not know the man, but added that the treasure hunter was able to find the treasure in the Rocky Mountains thanks to a poem from the 2010 autobiography of an elderly American man, The Thrill of the Chase, which encrypted a clue as to where to look for the treasure.

Fenn confessed that he has mixed feelings about the treasure finally being found: on the one hand, he is happy, on the other hand, he is sad, as the search has ended in the end. Earlier he explained that he hid the treasure in the Rocky Mountains to encourage people to immerse themselves in the wilderness and give them a chance to experience what it feels like to hunt for treasures in the old-fashioned style.

Fenn is a Vietnamese war veteran, former art dealer, and collector. In 2010, in “Passion Chase” he wrote about hiding a treasure chest in the Rocky Mountains, north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he lives. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been involved in the search for the treasure, CBS News notes.

At least four people died trying to find “Fenn’s treasure.” The last case of a treasure hunter’s death was recorded in March this year.

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