US bans Chinese passenger airlines from flying into the country from June 16

Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a decree suspending flights of Chinese passenger airlines to and from the States.

Trump called this decision response to the actions of the Chinese authorities, which do not allow American Airlines to resume flights to China in full.

A report circulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation on Wednesday said the ban comes into force on June 16, but Trump may expedite its introduction if he deems it necessary.

U.S. airlines were forced to reduce flights to China earlier this year amid the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection, and Beijing still has not allowed them to return to their previous regime, although they were ready to do so from June 1.

“The Chinese authorities’ reluctance to approve the U.S. airline request is a violation of our air transport agreement,” the agency said.

Earlier, the agency accused China of illegally blocking attempts by United States companies to resume flights to China in the regime that was in force before the pandemic. According to the ministry, Beijing has violated the bilateral agreement, allowing its airlines to continue flights between the two countries, without responding to requests from Delta Air Lines Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc., which were preparing to increase air traffic volumes.

Currently, four Chinese airlines fly between the United States and China.

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