US governors have imposed curfews over protests in Minneapolis

Authorities in some U.S. states have imposed curfews over protests caused by the death of an African-American in Minneapolis, Associated Press reports.

Such measures are already in place in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Louisville, Colombia, Denver, Portland, Milwaukee, and Columbus.

Demonstrators clash with police, set fire to cars and rob shops. Some police are hurt.

At least six state authorities have mobilized the National Guard. The Pentagon has declared readiness for a number of army units that can be used to restore order.

For example, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent about 1.5 thousand troops to state cities to prevent vandalism during the protests, 200 people were arrested in Houston the day before blocking the highways.

President Donald Trump said his administration would stop the riots with violence and prevent anarchy.

At the same time, demonstrations on Saturday to protest Floyd’s death and to support demonstrations in the United States were held in London. Their participants promised to expand the protests in the UK, The Sun newspaper reports.

Massive riots and protests began in the United States after 46-year-old African-American George Floyd was detained by police in Minneapolis May 25. One of the policemen pressed Floyd’s neck with his knee while apprehended. Subsequently, the African-American died in intensive care and a video of his detention was made available on the Internet.

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