Vincent van Gogh painting was stolen from a Dutch museum

A painting by Vincent van Gogh was stolen from a Dutch museum. This is reported by the Associated Press.

Vincent van Gogh painting was stolen
Located near Amsterdam, the Singer Laren Museum, where the theft occurred, is currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. They said that the painting “Spring garden” was stolen on the morning of March 30.

As Director Evert van OS explained, Museum representatives are angry, shocked and upset about the incident. According to him, the painting got to the Museum thanks to an American couple of collectors who agreed to provide it for one of the exhibitions.

In 2016, Italian police found two paintings by Vincent van Gogh stolen in 2002 from a Museum in Amsterdam. The paintings “View of the sea at Scheveningen” and “Exit from the Protestant Church in Nuenen” were seized during a major operation against one of the Neapolitan mafia clans. Despite the fact that the paintings were not kept in proper conditions, experts confirmed their safety.

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