Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser cancels curfews and demands National Guard to leave city

The Mayor of Washington, DC, Muriel Bowser demanded to leave the city the National Guard contingents that had arrived from other states of the U.S. and cancels the curfew in the city. She made a statement to that effect at a press conference.

“We want the military brought into the capital to be withdrawn from the city,” said Mayor Bowser.

She stressed that city authorities did not request additional forces to ensure law and order, and the decision to introduce additional National Guard forces in Washington was made at the federal level, not at the city level.

Bowser also announced that there would be no more curfews in Washington.

Recall that in the U.S. there are massive riots in major cities, triggered by the murder of African American George Floyd by police in Minneapolis. Protests have long since turned into riots, looting, and racially motivated clashes.

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