Washington will host the biggest memorial rally for George Floyd

Washington authorities expect Saturday to be the biggest rally against police brutality that killed African American George Floyd in Minneapolis. Military vehicles and uniformed officers are closing most of the center for fear of mass demonstrations that could spiral out of control, The Washington Times reported.

The White House has been fortified with new fences, and additional security measures have been taken in response to protests that have at times become violent. President Donald Trump is at his residence and has no meetings scheduled.

There are posters in the streets that read, “Black Lives Matter” as if warning Mayor Muriel Bauser against forceful action. According to eyewitness accounts, in some areas, groups of people can be seen collecting bottles and stones to confront law enforcement.

Meanwhile, relatives and sympathizers gathered in Rayford, North Carolina, at the birthplace of the deceased George Floyd, CBS News reports.

At the entrance to the church formed two rows of 100 people. As the coffin was being carried past, loud screams were heard: “Black power”, “No justice, no peace. After the farewell, there was a memorial service for Floyd. He died on May 25, when a policeman from Minneapolis put his knee on his neck and held it for several minutes. The death of an African American led to protests around the world against brutality and racism.

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