Xiaomi began testing the 6G network using the satellite Internet

Xiaomi Corporation began testing sixth-generation networks using the satellite Internet. This was stated by the company’s founder, Lei Jun.

he founder of Xiaomi gave an interview the other day where he emphasized that they are already conducting technology tests which should form the basis for future 6G networks of the sixth generation. Director Lei Jun also said that the development of new generation networks is impossible without the deployment of an extensive satellite Internet network.

The company’s researchers are looking for and developing ways that are expected to form the basis of the 6G network. Details are still classified, so the head of the corporation was limited to a brief hint. However, even from it, it is obvious that the basis of the sixth generation will be satellite Internet.

Separately, Director Lei Jun singled out the fact that so far there are not enough basic running stations and running satellites. To fully deploy the network, terminal support will be required. The company will have to conduct many studies in this area, but it will not take part in the commercial development of aerospace.

The Chinese technology giant just recently introduced to the general public a line of smartphones with access to 5G technologies. And announced that by the end of this year will be completely discontinued production of gadgets of the previous generation.

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